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I love Budapest

  • I love Budapest
  • I love Budapest
  • I love Budapest

I Love Budapest

I Love Budapest

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The Great Market (Nagycsarnok)

The Great Market  (Nagycsarnok)

The Great Market or the Central Market Hall is Budapest’s biggest market place for food and has been attracting visitors ever since it was renovated for the millennium in 1996. These days it has dozens of small and big stalls on the first floor where Hungarian folk costumes, dolls, painted eggs, embroidered tablecloths, carved hunting knives and so on are being sold.
On the main floor you can retrieve all different kind of treats at a much cheaper price compared to the shops in Váci Utca. There is a great amount of butchers.

Specialties or delicacies that are sold over here include the Hungarian goose liver (pate versions too), dried mushrooms, herbs and spices, garlands of dried paprika, souvenir sacks and tins of dried herbs, a great variety of flavoured honeys and a decent selection of Hungarian wines. On the lower floor are quite a few fish vendors as well selling everything from living fresh-water fish to salt-water fish or frozen imported fish. It is a must see for every tourist.

Address: IX Vámház körút 1-3

Public Transport Access: From 47 or 49 Tram,
Opening hours: Mon: 6am-5pm, Tue-Fri: 6am-6pm, Sat: 6am-2pm